Abir Beydoun profile head shot
Abir Beydoun
Professionally Certified Co-Active Leadership and Life Coach (CPCC)
The Leadership Circle Profile Certified Practitioner
Accredited Facilitator of Transformation through Values for Leaders Corporate Evolution
Corporate Transformational Tools Certified Practitioner (CTT) Barrett Values Centre
Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) Fundamentals
MBTI Step I and II Certified Practitoner
Strengths Strategy Coach
Masters in Money & Banking
At heart, Abir is passionate about people and loves learning. She believes life is like a movie and it is our attitude towards life events that determines how every scene gets shaped, giving it meaning and purpose.

Abir works with Executives and Leaders from different nationalities and backgrounds, government and private sectors to help bring out the leader in them, unlock their potential, uncover what is holding them back professionally and/or personally and come up with an action plan to achieve the goals agreed upon. She brings her strengths of Empathy, Focus, Responsibility and Activator to connect to people and co-create with them the best plans for their growth and development. People say Abir creates a safe space, is a deep listener and they feel at ease with her.

Abir also brings with her more than 10 years of corporate banking experience. Before going though her own transformation and becoming a Facilitator and a coach, she was in the Financial sector as a Senior Banker, lastly heading the Credit Management for BNP Paribas in UAE and Qatar. Professional experience in Lebanon, Kuwait and UAE and in managing diverse teams. Strong experience and focus on Change Management throughout career.

Abir is a mother of two young girls, Lynn and Haya. She enjoys yoga and running. She loves the sea and anything that would take her on a new adventure.

One Fact About Me
I am an achiever, so when I am overusing my achiever strength, I need a reminder to slowdown, as I can lose it... literally lose it!
An activator, lots of energy!