Michael Bartelle profile head shot
Michael Bartelle
Ishta Yoga 500-Hour Certified Teacher
Yoga Alliance UK Senior Teacher
MA Traditions of Yoga and Meditation
Michael Bartelle is a Senior Ishta Yoga Teacher. He has taught and mentored in several Ishta 200-and 300-hour trainings in New York City, London, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Berlin. He has also recently completed a Masters Degree in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS, University of London. Michael teaches yoga and meditation as well as writing and lecturing extensively about the philosophy of these practices and the body-mind. Michael aims to fill his lectures and lessons with both philosophical depth and light-hearted humour.


One Fact About Me
I think that one of the secrets of life is to finish every shower with an ice-cold rinse. It improves circulation and muscle recovery, and nothing else that happens during the day will feel like such a big shock in comparison!
Hybrid Vigour! I combine seemingly disparate ideas and people in order to highlight both the hidden similarities and the compatibility of their differences.