Catherine Stagg-Macey profile head shot
Catherine Stagg-Macey
Director of Team Coaching
CTI Certified Co-Active Leadership Coach (CPCC)
CRR ORSC Certified Organisational systems and relationships coach
Certified in the Leadership Circle Profile
In training as Coach Supervisor with Coaching Supervisor Academy
Graduate of CTI Leadership Training
BsC in Computer Science and Psychology
Catherine has spent over twenty years in the technology and insurance sectors. From the foundation of a degree in Computer Science, she has experience in a wide range of roles from programmer, project manager, leader and strategy advisor. Inher last role, she developed and led a European Insurance consulting practice.

Passionate about people, she retrained as a coach and founded Belgrave Street, a business offering leadership and team coaching, workshops and facilitation. She continues to work as a mentor to tech start-ups at Start-up Bootcamp, and as a mentor to female entrepreneurs through the Cherie Blair Foundation.

One Fact About Me
As a child, I put a letter in a bottle, threw it off a yacht into the Mediterranean Sea. Several months later back in South Africa, I received the first of many letters from a student teacher in Ankara, Turkey who had found my bottle on the beach.
No-nonsense Kung Fu Panda - known for being very direct and to the point, always with kindness.