Benefits of Improving Communication at Work

Good communication skills are vital in order to achieve a productive, motivated and content workplace.  86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication as the cause of workplace failures. Employers see results amongst employees once they have invested time and energy into communication skill courses or coaching workshops.


Here are some of the ways that communication skills can build upon your company’s success.


Facilitates Innovation

When employees feel comfortable in openly communicating new ideas, cooperation and innovation will be at an all-time high. If employees are unable to convey their ideas due to limited communication skills, it is likely that the idea will not be implemented to its full potential. This can also lead to them feeling undervalued, therefore impacting their productivity.


Improves, Builds and Maintains Relationships

Effective communication skills are vital for relationships. Without effective skills, it will be difficult to construct and foster productive relationships. Not being able to effectively communicate with someone can often also lead to friction in the workplace. Being able to efficiently communicate with someone can also lead to great teamwork.


Motivate Your Employees

Often, managers forget that everyday life confronts everyone on different levels, such as when an employee is going through personal difficulties and may need some words of encouragement. Mastering the skill of communication increases your ability to motivate employees. When employees are motivated and inspired by your simple, heartfelt words, they are willing to go the extra mile and work even harder.


Happier Employees

Employee communication is essential to employee engagement and trust. Misunderstanding at work can lead to increased stress and job frustration which therefore leads to less productive and happy employees. Listening is such an important communication skill and when employees feel listened to, this often leads them to working harder.


According to a Global Coaching Client Study by ICF, 86% of the companies able to provide figures to calculate ROI indicated they had at least made their investment back. Take a look at our ICF accredited programme, Manager as Coach and see results in your teams.