Corporate Leadership

Corporate Leadership




Leadership has evolved, the Autocratic Boss’ is redundant and leadership attributes need be nourished and thrive throughout entire teams.  A domineering CEO can be highly ineffective and in the same token, an astute PA can inspire new ways of understanding and operating in the work place.

Each and every one of us can develop our leadership skills, improve our outcomes and have a greater impact, regardless of our position.

Individual behavioural patterns, especially among company leaders, have significant impact on team dynamics. They influence corporate culture and collaboration, and therefore have a direct impact on bottom line results. Becoming aware of how you act, and how this affects your team is imperative to making sustainable positive changes.

The Leadership Circle Profile is leading in its field around the work and research on leadership effectiveness.  It shows certain traits and behaviours to have the biggest impact.  For Inspired & Effective Leadership and for organisations to be great, leadership needs to be authentic, responsible and sustainable.

Team Play: The ability to foster high-performance collaboration to teams that not only report to you, but sit across the entire organisation.  This promotes cooperation and synergy within the business.

Purpose & Vision: This is simultaneously having a clear vision, communicating the vision and demonstrating responsibility to achieving that vision. Great leaders model their visions daily through their behaviour and passion, whilst encouraging others to hold their own visions that align with the organisational purpose.

Systems Awareness: This is about understanding how the individual parts make the whole, within the company and beyond into the community.  Furthermore this is about understanding how today’s actions affects tomorrow’s outcomes.

Self-Awareness: If we are unaware of our own impact and blind spots we cannot begin to help others see theirs.  This is about acknowledging our strengths and our limitations.  Highly self-aware leaders show balance, composure, self-acceptance and inner worth.

Authenticity: This is the most desired quality in any leader and is a sure way to have others follow.  Integrity and courageous authenticity shows your inner and outer lives are congruent and fosters trust in those around you.

Achieving Results:  To make a difference we need to show results.  Being goal orientated and taking well-calculated risks leads to high performance.  Performing at a high level models desired behaviour and raises the bar for others.

In order to make sustainable changes in the work place, we don’t need to do more of the same- longer hours, more calls, more meetings.  We need to learn to implement these proven leadership behaviours into our daily work and consciousness.