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Our Conscious Leadership Model

A conscious leader is deeply self-aware and dares to be vulnerable for the sake of authenticity and relationship, whilst firmly holds and drives a vision for common good.

Since we are in the business of leadership development, we get asked a lot about what it really is all about. It won’t surprise you that the answer matters to us and we are so invested in this topic we’ve even developed our own leadership model which frames an understanding and a conversation around the type of leadership we feel is needed in the world. 

Conscious Leadership Model.jpg

Applying the Conscious Leadership Model


1.    Set an intention of how you want to show up (make sure it is conscious)!

2.    Make a conscious choice on that intention as it will inform how you’re being (energetically/ emotionally) and what you’re       

       doing (behaviours).

3.    Through these steps, you will create an intentional impact and sometimes you will also have an impact that is unintended.

       Be aware of both! 

4.    Reflect or ask for feedback on your impact to consciously decide if this is the one you want to keep on having.

5.    Repeat: Day to day, hour by hour and minute by minute. Take time to be intentional about the impact you want to have as a


You can read more about each cornerstone in the following blogposts;

  • What is Self-Acceptance? 

  • Choosing to create R.E.A.L relationships

  • Finding Purpose and Courageous Authenticity 

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