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How Do You Hold Yourself Back?

How many of us internally say the following?

You are a failure, you will never succeed

“This will never work out”

"Who do you think you are to succeed?”

"You're not talented enough

“You're not good enough

At Lea_p we refer to this negative self-talk as our ‘inner critic’. The job of the inner critic is to keep us small. Our inner critic is that little voice inside our head that stops us from being our most powerful self.

The inner critic’s job is to tell us we are not good enough. You may recognise the inner critic because it will often start with, “You should...”, “You can’t...”, “What if…” or “You won’t…”.

The key to stopping your inner critic from running your life is to just notice it. Just take your time, notice when it’s around and then simply choose to do something else. But, most importantly, know that it’s there and it doesn’t have to run your life. You get to choose that, and you alone.  

Action point: What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do? Why not take your first step towards it this week and notice when your inner critic comes in and choose to ignore it!


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