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Mindfulness at Capgemini University

This week, Lea_p have been at Capgemini delivering two different leadership programmes and several Mindfulness workshops.

We worked closely with Capgemini to build a mindfulness theme that would run through the entire 5 day training event. The overall 5 days is full of amazing events, trainings and networking and we co-created with the client a mindfulness theme that would give the 300+ participants time, space, support and structure to reflect on their experiences and help manage their energy so that they maximise the value of their learnings.

Daily mindfulness topics and related practice ‘door hangers’ were created and placed on the bedroom doors overnight so that participants had a practice they could do anytime during the day (and take home with them). We created mindfulness related posters for the toilet doors and inspirational quotes were scribed onto the mirrors.

We then created, promoted and delivered mindful walking, eating and sitting practice opportunities during the day. This received some wonderful feedback with participants noticing how much of us ‘overlook our normal experiences during the day’. We also gave advice to facilitators of other trainings on how to implement mindfulness practices into their schedule and actually joined a few trainings to give short sessions. For a Design Thinking training we were able to give a ten minute practice at the start of their morning session to help them relate mindfulness to empathy.

Finally, we delivered a dedicated Introduction to Mindfulness training to principal consultants during an intensive and deep leadership development program they were undertaking. Participants have given us incredibly positive feedback of how well the Mindfulness theme landed as well as participants gaining a wonderful sense of self-awareness.

If you are interested in bringing Mindfulness into your company, please contact us at


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