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Purpose over Promotion

I discovered my purpose 9 years ago and I can honestly say that I have experienced more joy and fulfilment since doing so. I am now more conscious about what brings joy and fulfilment to my life, and therefore I now have the choice, means, and resources to create these moments for myself and be fully present to them.

Whilst I was completing my coaching training 9 years ago, I was doing a lot of personal development work – of course these two things cross paths greatly. Amongst many of the different exercises I was doing, one was called ‘Articulating Your Life Purpose’ which brought an inner energy that was inside me. The exercise was to visualise what I would like to hear from people close to me say about how I lived my life in years to come. The impact the reflection of this had on me allowed me to access a self-talk…

I am the sparkle that brings energy and makes people believe they can go for their dreams and enjoy the ride

This is how today I articulate my life purpose. Just writing it down brings a lot of energy and happiness to me. These words are very present in my day to day life, being an executive coach and leadership trainer, I believe I bring this energy and offer my clients the opportunities to choose the life they want that will fulfil them.

So – how is this more important than getting promoted? Or in my case, how is this more important than growing my business and being extremely successful?

I feel 100% congruent with what I do. I believe and feel what I do brings value to others and myself. I can express myself authentically. Finding my purpose has got me to experience my life more fully and appreciate what I do as it has brought me a new level of energy. Now, don’t get me wrong – I do things every day that I don’t particularly enjoy and I have my blue moments too. This is just a part of life.

Everyone has a purpose, and finding it is an adventure in itself that can take different paths. For me, the first step was to find the words and spend time articulating my ‘life purpose statement’. To bring it alive has allowed me to consciously have the impact I want to have in the world.

For others, it may be about asking themselves questions such as

“If there was one thing I would like to be remembered for, what would it be”

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart and listen….

What is this inner talk whispering to you?

What first step will give you more joy and fulfilment?

Dream big, enjoy the ride.

If you’re interested in executive coaching or any personal development trainings, get in touch! 


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