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Getting feedback can be intimidating. At Lea_p our assessments are in service of your growth and development. We create a safe environment for you to explore your full self and to aid you in becoming your best. We have three different assessments:

TLCP 360

Leadership Circle Profile™ is a powerful 360° leadership assessment used by organizations ranging from Google to NASA, the National Wildlife Federation, and beyond.

The Profile is unique because it reveals a leader's operating system - the internal assumptions or beliefs that guide behaviour in both creative competencies and reactive tendencies. This allows team leaders to see how these behaviours affect their team and their own personal growth. The approach increases the inner awareness and outward behaviours collectively, and for that reason sets it apart as a 360 tool.

It collates information about key individuals within a company and leadership issues are immediately realised and therefore worked on instantly. This is far more sensible than expecting the client to be aware at the initial stages of the executive coaching, as to what all their issues are. We often have blind spots to many of our behaviours and beliefs.

The Leadership Circle Profile is based on theory by Robert Kegan who is a leading Psychologist, particularly renowned for his research on adult stages of development - similar to child stages of development. This research (and many others) show that as adults, human beings can grow, and if they do, they grow through predictable stages of consciousness. These stages are known as Ego, Reactive, Creative, Integral and Unity.* Studies have shown that leadership effectiveness is greatly influenced by the stage of mind through which the leader is operating. This basically means that as our levels of consciousness evolves our leadership effectiveness increases.

Using TLCP reveals the clients leading operating system and gives an undeniably richer coaching experience.

The Leadership Circle
Leadership Coaching consists of The Leadership Circle Profile 360 leadership assessment, debrief and 2 hours of leadership coaching per month is £925 per month.

Recommended for 6 months

TLCP Evaluation and debrief only:
This includes the setup and execution of the TCLP, a 90 minute debrief and 2 x 1 hour follow up session.

iLead Signature

In today's turbulent business world, leaders who make a critical difference are those who are eager to learn continuously from their personal and work environments and then to transform this fresh knowledge into actions that deliver successful business results. The iLead tool can be a key part of leaders' development process.

The iLead™ Signature, a self leadership assessment profiling tool, gives insights into a person's "Engines" or their cognitive patterns that drive their behaviour. These patterns are the basis from which you understand yourself and perceive your environment, thus determine how you interact with others.

In an environment of rapid evolution and uncertainty, the ability to learn and to evaluate the impact of your behaviours on others and on business results has become a critical skill.

iLead provides a mirror for individuals to help them understand more about themselves and thus how they might develop their abilities as a leader. Of itself, this Signature will not make people better leaders, but if the output is used as part of an overall coaching journey of self-understanding and personal development, then it can make a significant impact on people leadership.

Each situation and interaction has to be viewed as an opportunity to learn and to challenge existing attitudes and behaviours against this new knowledge. Even while making decisions, we are still learning as we assimilate the impact of our decisions on the business and the people involved.

iLead Fundamentals
Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI)

The most comprehensive battery of whole brain creativity instruments in the world.

The NBI Thinking Preference Assessments are a powerful suite of neuroscience-based psychological assessments. Based on modern insights from the fields of neuroscience, creativity and psychology. The assessments help individuals, leaders, teams and organizations unlock their full potential.

The NBI framework provides insights into left hemisphere (local processing), right hemisphere (global processing) and cognitive and affective types of thinking. Such insights can lead to enhancement in the areas of; social-emotional intelligence, self-awareness, creativity, leadership, communication, team performance, presentations, conflict resolution and more.

Potential Benefits of Whole Brain Thinking NBI.
  • An understanding of your thinking preferences gives you more options for how to behave under different sets of circumstances.
  • A focus on creating whole-brained organizations in which all thinking styles are represented and utilized can increase the chance of achieving an organisation's mission and business objectives.
  • Customer service attuned to various thinking styles may improve overall customer service.
  • Communications can be enhanced based on the different preferences that people have for the types of communication that resonate best with them.
  • Better presentations can be prepared when utilizing the thinking preferences of the audience.
  • Interpersonal conflicts can be minimized and more effectively addressed when individual thinking preferences are considered.
  • Team effectiveness can be improved when the role of thinking preferences is used to understand and modify team dynamics.
  • Better situational decisions can be made by factoring in thinking style preferences in decision-making process.
  • Better learning strategies can be created and used by knowing your own preferences, and those of others.
  • Better career decisions can be made when there is alignment between preferences and job requirements.
  • More effective motivational strategies can be employed based on knowledge of thinking and learning preferences.
Neethling Brain Instruments