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Bespoke Workshops
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Creating your Lea_p experience

Leadership has risk and it takes a courageous Lea_p to move form 'Me' to 'We'. Our workshops are designed for collaboration, opening up perspectives and the ability to be in a relationship with greater amounts of people for the sake of having a bigger impact on your world.

Our workshops are bespoke to make sure your needs are absolutely met. We have extensive experience in Coaching, Leadership Development, Mindfulness, Communication Training and Sales training. We can design workshops from one hour to one week long, specified for your individual needs.

Our expert facilitators and program designers are available to you to co-design and facilitate powerful and transformative leadership retreats and workshops.

Examples include (and are not limited to):

  • Mission and values definition
  • Conscious alignment to your unique purpose
  • Compelling sales
  • Leadership refresh and energise
  • Communication secrets

Manager as Coach Program

This is an example of one of our existing workshops.

We have a highly experiential two-day training which we could run for a group size of up to 26 participants (trainings are co-led by two facilitators). In this training we have the participants coaching right from the beginning and the skills can be immediately applied when the participants return to their workplace. We use the Co-Active model of coaching and this gives a powerful, clear and accessible structure for the concept and application of Coaching.

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Our three main goals for this training are:

1. For participants to gain a clear understanding of what coaching is and experience coaching skills from a coach and client perspective.

2. Understanding of how coaching fits in the workplace and the role of manager/trainer.

3. To provide a personal development experience over the two days (through the coaching exercises) so that participants sense the value of coaching and are inspired to put into practice!

Some of the topics we cover:

1. The coaching relationship

2. The balance of being and doing in coaching

3. Three levels of listening

4. Importance of values in coaching

5. Exposing limiting beliefs

6. Powerful questions

7. Intuition

8. Authentic acknowledgement

Please contact us directly to find out more and/or schedule your training.