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Transform your business

We specialise in training and developing executive teams and individuals to create high performing cultures and leaders

Unleash your potential

We develop individuals and teams to utilise their whole self towards enhanced creativity and resourcefulness for greater success

At Lea_____p we help individuals and

teams access their full leadership potential.




Lea_p Leadership are an experiential learning and development company. From leadership programmes, assessment, training workshops to one to one coaching; behavioural transformation is the core of our work.


We offer new ways to respond to the challenges of an increasingly complex and changing world. In order to create sustainable and real transformation, we must understand why we behave the way we do. For this reason, we always start with individuals, helping them gain deep insights into their own behaviours allowing them to then apply this knowledge to those around them, through our training and development courses and programmes. 

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Virtual Trainings

Now more than ever, how you lead matters as much as what you do. For that reason, we feel called to be in support of brave leaders in this new normal.


We have carefully crafted workshops that address the skills needed to improve trust and engagement due to COVID-19. These can be delivered virtually. We have offerings for the individual, group and teams. 

Our Services

If you’re wanting to develop yourself or individuals in your team, we offer a range of 1:1 support/services.


If you’re wanting to train your team in leadership skills and development, we offer a range of courses which we can also bespoke to your teams needs.


High performing teams understand the complexities of relationships and culture. Lea_p specialises in training your team to understand and create high performing cultures.

Our Clients

"I have been equipped with tools and the confidence to focus on how I can consciously create a purpose for our business to realise its long term aspiration for sustainable independent success in a changing market place. We have worked with Lea_p to support and develop people at all levels in our business; from our board, our senior managers along with younger staff that will all too quickly become our leaders of the future. These programmes have been really important in realising potential. The results have been great and we have taken the business forwards hugely"

Andrew Reynolds,

UK & Global Board Director at RLB

“As a CEO, you can carry a lot of the world on your shoulders. Team coaching is perfect for when you are frustrated with all around you, and you are carrying huge anxiety, you are not enjoying your job, and your team isn’t functioning as a team. Catherine brings a rigour and structure to this process that’s really important and also is also adaptable to the pace we need to move at"

Matt Cheung,

CEO at Clarasys

"Lea_p ran a Leadership Taster Day for Paragon. I had an idea in my mind as to how the day would go and it was not what I'd imagined; my expectations were completely surpassed. The session was highly engaging, challenging and offered a real insight into how to understand ourselves in order to become effective leaders"

Laura Harty,

HR at Paragon BC