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About Us

Leadership has to change.


For the sake of our world and our humanity, the time really is now. The narrative of leadership is outdated and inadequate. Dominating and controlling behaviours lead to oppressive cultures in companies and beyond. Future leaders will not only have strength but they will also have compassion. They will be decisive and be able to listen. They will use facts and be attuned to their intuition.

By thinking systemically - understanding the impact of each decision not only on themselves, their staff, their company but also on the world in which we live - these leaders will change the world.

Let’s make a difference together!

Lea_p Leadership are an experiential learning and development company. From leadership programmes, assessment, training workshops to one to one coaching; behavioural transformation is the core of our work.

We offer new ways to respond to the challenges of an increasingly complex and changing world. In order to create sustainable and real transformation, we must understand why we behave the way we do. For this reason, we always start with individuals, helping them gain deep insights into their own behaviours allowing them to then apply this knowledge to those around them, through our training and development courses and programmes. 

  Do you see any of the following in your company?  

  • Difficulties dealing with conflict and having hard conversations

  • High turnover of staff

  • Difficulty in decision making

  • A feeling of not fulfilling your or your team’s full potential

  • Problems meeting high demanding clients’ needs and expectations

  • Low employee engagement

  • Not enough resources to create an impactful talent program for future leaders?

  • Unaligned Ineffective boards and senior leadership teams

  • Staff are not skilled to lead and manage their teams ineffectively

  • Employee mental and physical health challenges

  • Indecisive teams under stress

  • Internal focus at the cost of customers

If so please get in touch or look at our programs that support the development of you and your company.

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