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Getting feedback can be intimidating. At Lea_p our assessments are in service of your growth and development. We create a safe environment for you to explore your full self and to aid you in becoming your best.


We have two different assessments; The Leadership Circle Profile and iLead.

The Leadership Circle Profile 360

Leadership Circle Profile™ is a powerful 360° leadership assessment used by organizations ranging from Google to NASA, the National Wildlife Federation, and beyond.

The Profile is unique because it reveals a leader's operating system - the internal assumptions or beliefs that guide behaviour in both creative competencies and reactive tendencies. This allows team leaders to see how these behaviours affect their team and their own personal growth. The approach increases the inner awareness and outward behaviours collectively, and for that reason sets it apart as a 360 tool.

It collates information about key individuals within a company and leadership issues are immediately realised and therefore worked on instantly. This is far more sensible than expecting the client to be aware at the initial stages of the executive coaching, as to what all their issues are. We often have blind spots to many of our behaviours and beliefs.

Using TLCP reveals the clients leading operating system and gives an undeniably richer coaching experience.

TLCP example.png

iLead Signature


In today's turbulent business world, leaders who make a critical difference are those who are eager to learn continuously from their personal and work environments and then to transform this fresh knowledge into actions that deliver successful business results. The iLead tool can be a key part of leaders' development process.

The iLead™ Signature, a self leadership assessment profiling tool, gives insights into a person's "Engines" or their cognitive patterns that drive their behaviour. These patterns are the basis from which you understand yourself and perceive your environment, thus determine how you interact with others.

iLead assessment Including a 60 min debrief. Price: £775

The iLead snapshot (summary version of the iLead Signature) is part of our advance sales training

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