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Catherine Stagg-Macey.jpg

Catherine Stagg-Macey

Director of Team Coaching


  • CTI Certified Co-Active Leadership Coach (CPCC)

  • CRR ORSC Certified Organisational systems and relationships coach

  • Certified in the Leadership Circle Profile

  • In training as Coach Supervisor with Coaching Supervisor Academy

  • Graduate of CTI Leadership Training

  • BsC in Computer Science and Psychology


Catherine has spent over twenty years in the technology and insurance sectors. From the foundation of a degree in Computer Science, she has experience in a wide range of roles from programmer, project manager, leader and strategy advisor. Inher last role, she developed and led a European Insurance consulting practice.


Passionate about people, she retrained as a coach and founded Belgrave Street, a business offering leadership and team coaching, workshops and facilitation. She continues to work as a mentor to tech start-ups at Start-up Bootcamp, and as a mentor to female entrepreneurs through the Cherie Blair Foundation.

One Fact About Me

As a child, I put a letter in a bottle, threw it off a yacht into the Mediterranean Sea. Several months later back in South Africa, I received the first of many letters from a student teacher in Ankara, Turkey who had found my bottle on the beach.


No-nonsense Kung Fu Panda - known for being very direct and to the point, always with kindness.

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