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Clients and Testimonials


"Lea_p recently ran a Leadership Taster Day for Paragon. I had an idea in my mind as to how the day would go and it was not what I'd imagined; my expectations were completely surpassed. The session was highly engaging, challenging and offered a real insight into how to understand ourselves in order to become effective leaders. Lauren and Stephen worked great together as co-leaders and had a way of putting everyone at ease whilst also challenging us to think outside the box. A number of our leaders expressed that it was the best leadership session they had attended in their careers and I would highly recommend anyone considering leadership development programmes to speak to Lea_p"

Laura Harty, HR Manager at Paragon

"Lauren is a great coach who always acts with honesty and integrity. She gets you to dig deep into yourself to help you understand yourself better and the impact/impression that you have on others. I have found the whole coaching experience to be challenging, rewarding and enjoyable."

Managing Partner, Rider Levett Bucknall, London

"Just giving Lauren a 'recommendation' doesn't seem enough; not if I'm to judge her on the impact she has had on my career and my life. I sit writing this on the verge of some very exciting developments and I honestly know that I wouldn't have been in this position if it hadn't been for the 6 months personal coaching time I've had with her. Quite simply an excellent coach, trusted advisor and friend. Lauren is uniquely talented; genuine, insightful, energetic and honest, and has an incredible ability to get you to a depth of understanding about yourself that I never thought possible for me. I'm clear about who I am, what my values are and how best I should honour this in the decisions I make. Without question that is the lasting impact and gift this process and Lauren has given me and one I will be forever thankful for. So, of course I recommend Lauren; I really do encourage you to get in contact and test this out for yourself. It could be the best decision you make."

Owner, The Spark, London

"I had the opportunity to meet Lauren during the LEAD training at Capgemini. She was one of the facilitators who conducted this excellent training. Her in-depth knowledge of empowering leaders, challenges and real-life techniques allied to the joy demonstrated over the five days was key to assimilating the concepts and behaviours to become a leader of the future."

Amos, Sr Business Manager Capgemini

"Lauren is incredibly dedicated to coaching and brought infectious enthusiasm and knowledge to the course she and Emma Wheat expertly facilitated. I can only begin to imagine how demanding the course was for the facilitators, and yet both Lauren and Emma threw themselves into whole-heartedly and seemingly altruistically, both leading the group as a whole but identifying each individual's needs and supporting them along the way. They gave me the best course I have ever attended in terms of my own personal growth, the learning experiences, and the challenges I need to embrace to release my own potential which they were able to show me."

Alistair, Non-Functional Test Consultant at Sogeti UK

"I experience Emmanuelle as a coach who is very agile; whatever comes up -especially when unexpected for her- she reacts very fast and intense with questions and remarks on my reactions that really help me to reflect, draw conclusions and think about the way forward. Her interventions are direct and at the same time very respectful; it is also impossible to hide away from the essentials of a topic, to look into the mirror and to reflect again. I like also to be challenged and that is certainly what Emmanuelle does."

MD, Corporate University Director

"Lauren is like an ice breaker in the arctic ocean. With her patience and by building-up a deep trust with her mentees, she manages to break through the deep ice of concerns, skepticism and reticence, and opens a broad range of new perspectives to her clients. Her people centric approach is an eye-opener, and a missing peace in many companies cultures and entrepreneurial minds."

Kim, Capgemini

"I attended a leadership development course run by Lauren and have to say whilst sceptical before the course, I left a committed and converted supporter.  The course helped me to understand much better why I react the way I do in certain circumstances, what my triggers are, and how I can change my behaviours to get better outcomes when dealing with clients and peers.  I have noticed a significant improvement in my performance, and satisfaction with my approach, after putting into practice the learnings and tactics presented and explained so well by Lauren. I highly recommend Lauren as a coach and tutor and look forward to the next opportunity to benefit from her experience and insights."

Andy, Capgemini

"Catherine was my trusted advisor and coach during a year of transition following a redundancy. It was a very challenging time where she provided exactly the right balance of support, reflection and momentum. Her intelligence, empathy and humour, as well as well structured frameworks, were exactly what I needed to make a leap into the unknown, change sector and secure a desired role. I recommend her very highly to anyone particularly senior leaders."

Ramona Liberoff, CEO, Spring Accelerator

"The conversations I had with Emmanuelle have helped me was very easy for me to be true, authentic and open because I felt she was too. She inspired me to higher levels of reflection, always being encouraging and positive. I felt strengthened and now a few months later I can also underline that the path I took, really is my way."

Iris Snijders, Program Manager in Capgemini NL

"Through Lea_p, I have been equipped with tools and the confidence to focus on how I can consciously create a purpose for our business to realise its long term aspiration for sustainable independent success in a changing market place. We have worked with Lea_p to support and develop people at all levels in our business; from our board, our senior managers along with younger staff that will all too quickly become our leaders of the future. These programmes have been really important in realising potential. The results have been great and we have taken the business forwards hugely. We now have a business focussed on exactly the right things; the future, engaging and our people and product focussed on our clients. A long way to go, but now the destination is clear and attainable. And as a bit of a bonus, I would like to think I might just have become a bit of a better bloke in my personal life too"

Andrew Reynolds, UK & Global Board Director at RLB

"Lea_ps' Manager as Coach programme strengthened our organisation by increasing the bond we have as a team and gave us new tools to deal with situations and colleagues. The workshop encouraged self-reflection and practical skills were learnt that also allowed us as a team to understand what is important in the work place. I got way more out of it than I expected - it was such an enjoyable experience and I am no longer afraid to show my human being side and be more compassionate in the office."

Manager as Coach participant, 2017

"Stephen brings his brilliance to coaching with an open heart, integrity, clarity and compassion, grounded in his own life experiences and dedication to continue learning and growing. During my coaching experience with him, I felt hugely supported, guided, cared for and empowered to reach my goals. I found that at the end of six months, I had reached the objectives I set for myself at the beginning while many new opportunities opened up for me. The most profound take-away for me was the knowing in my heart, mind, body and soul that I am unlimited in my ability to dream and reach my dreams. I feel deeply grateful for Stephen and his transforming life coaching."

Ana Ruiz, Seattle, WA , Integrated Movement Therapist

"Lea_p have delivered a leadership and strength building workshop to our cohorts of unemployed young people to support and empower them to take their next steps. The feedback about the sessions have been overwhelmingly positive and we are now looking to build and grow a long term strategic partnership with them to support many more young people. I would highly recommend them as the energy, expertise and knowledge they bring is outstanding"

Prince's Trust

"With Catherine, everything seems natural and with such logical wisdom it is almost as if this has been her lifelong calling. I can say without the slightest hesitation that her coaching can truly inspire better performing, happier leadership teams. I am a better person in the workplace because of Catherine. She is truly special."

Charlie Hanna, VP of Sales, ExpeWeb LLC

"Stephen is a person for whom life is an opportunity for each of us to find our own fullest expression. He has combined his skills as an aerospace engineer - a focused, highly responsible and accountable mind, the ability to problem solve, a facility with fitting parts together to make revolutionary wholes - with his passion for, and extensive experience in, spiritual inquiry to create a new and deeply needed way of helping people realize their power. I would recommend Stephen, without hesitation, to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, results oriented and steadfast guide on their own journey of transformation."

Molly Lannon-Kenny, Founder of The Samarya Center and author of 'No Gurus Came Knocking

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