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Passive to Purposeful

Coaching is a powerful self-development tool and leadership starts with self. Revealing our behavioural patterns and exploring our internal belief systems is the key to unlocking our authentic self.

Corporate / Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development to key individuals within an organisation to improve their performance.

Executive coaching is recognised to powerfully advance executive performance and it is closely aligned with leadership effectiveness and development. Executive coaching is completely confidential and provides the individual with a supportive yet challenging forum. This inspires openness, employs trust and loyalty, and awakens courageous authenticity. The power of being authentic is infinite. None of us have any more time, we are working at full capacity and often beyond, with little or no work/life balance. By being trained to be who you are naturally you have a much bigger impact in your own environment. This is the only way left to add any more value when you are already a connoisseur of knowledge. You are an expert in your field. To become a great leader, you must also become an expert of yourself.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching facilitates personal development, by aiding you with tools so that you become your most powerful self at home, at work and in all of your relationships. Do you want to be the best version of yourself but aren't quite there yet? Have you settled and accepted that this is all you are worth? Do you yearn for more but have no idea how to reach it? If so, coaching is a fantastic way to achieve your potential. If you want to live a life where you feel alive, balanced, valued and fulfilled - coaching IS for you.

Team Coaching

Why coach the leadership team? The short answer is to become aware of your leadership team shadow. Everything the leadership team does has an impact in the organization - whether it's intentional or not. The 'how' you are as a team that impacts in ways beyond the 'what' you do as a team.  By way of example - how you talk to each other, how you have disagreements, your own working practices, your alignment and communication of the company vision, how you manage lack of alignment around topics like product roadmaps. All these interactions are defined by the team dynamic and it's this dynamic that influences staff engagement and productivity. How you are as a leadership team has a lot more impact than any culture deck you have. Team coaching brings awareness to this impact, and allows you as a team to be more conscious and intentional. 

Team / systems coaching is a unique experience. Systems coaching is nothing like you've probably experienced. We are in systems and part of systems in all aspects of our lives and this brings in a lot of complexity to our worlds. Understanding the concepts of systems is powerful. This process shifts the lens from mine/me to us/we. The focus in coaching is to help each of you see yourself as part of a broader system. 

Communication and Coaching Skills for Managers Program

We have a highly experiential two-day training which we could run for a group size of up to 26 participants (trainings are co-led by two facilitators). In this training we have the participants coaching right from the beginning and the skills can be immediately applied when the participants return to their workplace. We use the Co-Active model of coaching and this gives a powerful, clear and accessible structure for the concept and application of Coaching.