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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development to key individuals within an organisation to improve their performance.

Executive coaching is recognised to powerfully advance executive performance and it is closely aligned with leadership effectiveness and development. It is completely confidential and provides the individual with a supportive yet challenging forum. This inspires openness, employs trust and loyalty, and awakens courageous authenticity. The power of being authentic is infinite.


None of us have any more time, we are working at full capacity and often beyond, with little or no work/life balance. By being trained to be who you are naturally you have a much bigger impact in your own environment. This is the only way left to add any more value when you are already a connoisseur of knowledge. You are an expert in your field. To become a great leader, you must also become an expert of yourself.

Lea_p coaching will powerfully evoke personal and professional

development in the following areas;

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Awareness of your current impact

  • Performance management

  • Developing executive presence

  • Promotion preparation

  • Enhancing strategic thinking

  • Dealing effectively with conflict

  • Managing yourself as well as others

  • Building an effective Team

and more!

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What Clients Have Said

The conversations I had with Emmanuelle have helped me was very easy for me to be true, authentic and open because I felt she was too. She inspired me to higher levels of reflection, always being encouraging and positive. I felt strengthened and now a few months later I can also underline that the path I took, really is my way

Program Manager at Capgemini

With Catherine, everything seems natural and with such logical wisdom it is almost as if this has been her lifelong calling. I can say without the slightest hesitation that her coaching can truly inspire better performing, happier leadership teams. I am a better person in the workplace because of Catherine

VP of Sales, ExpeWeb LLC

Lauren is a great coach who always acts with honesty and integrity. She gets you to dig deep into yourself to help you understand yourself better and the impact/impression that you have on others. I have found the whole coaching experience to be challenging, rewarding and enjoyable

Managing Partner at RLB

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