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Hilary Gander



  • Education and Training with the globally renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

  • Post-graduate diploma (Level 7) in Coaching and Mentoring from the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

  • Master-certified iLead™ coach


Hilary's background is in the financial services industry where she was a successful project manager, and later management consultant, running complex business and IT projects. Then, as director of an executive development academy for a multi-national technology services company, she developed and rolled out a suite of ground-breaking leadership courses, working closely with key stakeholders - functional and regional heads and global HR directors.

Hilary set up Level Vision in 2006 to utilise her skill for making things happen to serve individuals, teams and groups seeking to make the most of their own or maximise their colleagues' talents. In her workshops and coaching, she focuses on the interactions leaders, sales executives and team members have with others - and how self-awareness and curiosity can improve people's interpersonal communication, overall effectiveness and joy at work.

One Fact About Me

I'm a passionate cycling advocate and am happy riding on either the front or the back of a tandem.


The Communicator: words are the bridges that we build between ourselves and the rest of the world - helping people that are curious to find ways to express themselves and really hear others.

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