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Doing to Being

Leadership isn't a role to do. It's about being your authentic self. At Lea_p, we are developing you to be you. Great leadership starts with unleashing your uniqueness and our programs are designed to reveal this. From this place we create more leaders and this is the ripple effect of great leaders.

The modern world has changed how we live. We are living in an epidemic of busyness, e-mail, social media, 24/7 gyms, work hours, supermarkets. We are constantly doing. We are not human doings We are human beings.

At Lea_p we listen to you, we believe in you, we challenge you, we are there for you.

Take the leap, dare to be you. And then do.

Gauge Leadership Lab

A 12-week program for leaders, entrepreneurs, and instigators.

Leadership can be fulfilling AND frustrating... even for resourceful, skilled, and creative people. You're dedicated to making a difference - however you define it - and to supporting the success of your team and your organization. You have ambitious dreams, big plans, and some accomplishments under your belt. And, still, sometimes it feels like you're on a hamster wheel.

The Gauge Lab will enable you to create a transformational shift in your leadership.

Leadership Taster Day

Leadership development clearly needs more than one day, however at Lea_p we really believe that a powerful one day is more than enough to understand what leadership really is, to change some perspectives and beliefs along with raising participant's self-awareness significantly. The aim of this day is to get participants excited about their own leadership, hungry to know more and give them a handful of skills that can be immediately implemented to their professional and personal lives.

The Conscious Leadership Program

Conscious Leadership is a transformational one year program designed to awaken consciousness in business leaders. In the challenges of an increasingly complex world it is not enough to simply add more leadership tools to our existing ways, we need to evolve ourselves, our minds and the way we see the world.

Bespoke Leadership Programs

Most of our leadership programs are bespoke to your needs. We have developed leadership programs from one day, one week, 3 months all the way through to our flagship program at one year.

We believe that all teams are unique with their own strengths and challenges. At Lea_p we are experts at creating programs that suit the needs of your individual teams and company to give you excellence, impact and transformation.

Creating Competitive Advantage

In today's business world, creating a relationship with your valued clients that differentiates you from your competitors is a business imperative. To win new outcomes: business and to grow your business you need: first-class delivery, sales methodology, account planning and market intelligence, but in the end, people buy from people.

This course is aimed at sales and delivery managers, as well as anyone who would like to strengthen their sales skills.