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Living Heart Centred Leadership

Using our experience of supporting leaders for over 10 years, we've developed our model Living Heart Centred Leadership. Providing a roadmap to help leaders to reach their full potential, and cultivate high performance teams. 

Living Heart Centred Leadership is an ongoing practice, requiring a commitment to nurturing theses skills and qualities. It’s not just something you do, it’s a way of working, living and being with people. 

Our model guides you on how to be a Heart Centred Leader and how to live it. Through the four pillars and eight qualities, we've outlined the key traits that we see in the most successful and impactful leaders. Providing a road map to support your leadership journey.

The Pillars of Living Heart Centred Leadership
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Pillar #1

Self-healing and Growth

Introducing our model Living Heart Centred Leadership. (2).png

Pillar #2

Cultivating Daily Rituals

Introducing our model Living Heart Centred Leadership. (2).png

Pillar #3

Expressing Purpose

Introducing our model Living Heart Centred Leadership. (2).png

Pillar #4

Nurturing Conscious Relationships

We've identified 4 pillars that provide the foundation of Living Heart Centred Leadership. These are:

How we can expand ourselves in the future whist also understanding and healing the past. 

Cultivating a daily practice is a way for us to connect to ourselves each and every day.

Understanding our unique talent and a unique purpose and having the courage to pursue them.

How we can shift relationships from transactional to transformative.

The Qualities of Living Heart Centred Leadership

Under each pillar are two qualities that provide a guide on how to nurture Heart Centred Leadership. The 8 qualities within the model are:

They have a conscious knowledge of their own character, behaviours and feelings.

Understanding their position as a gift and a responsibility, recognising the work that has come before them.

Feeling or showing empathy, without judgement for others and yourself.

Focused grounded and attuned in the moment.

They have an internal knowing that they trust. The ability to understand or know something without any direct evidence or reasoning process.

Excited, inspired and driven about a topic.

Open minded, eager to understand or learn about something or someone including their difference.

Ready and willing to face challenging situations, despite fear.

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Are you living heart centred leadership? 

Download our short quiz to give you some insight into your strengths and limitations as a Heart Centred Leader.

Contact us to learn more about how Heart Centred Leadership could help you. 

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