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Introducing our Living Heart Centred Leadership Model!

At Lea_p, Heart Centred Leadership is our niche as we believe it is the most under-utilised part of most company cultures. We focus on what it means to become a leader that is authentic, that has a clear purpose, that cultivates trust and empowers their people.

Leadership is made up of two main parts; the Functional side and the Relational side. The Functional side being all about strategy, decisiveness, organisation and planning, achieving results. The Relational side being all about self awareness, composure, team dynamics, mentoring and developing, emotional and interpersonal intelligence and connection.

Commonly when we think of leadership we think of the functional side, as you will notice when applying for almost all MBA's and leadership programs. More often than not the relational side or the human side is significantly overlooked which leads to gaping holes in overall performance. Take a minute to think of the most successful leadership teams you have been part of; of course they will have been competent and experts in their fields, and they will also have cultivated skills like trust, vulnerability, agility, care and deep relationships. These relational sides of leadership are the most under developed in our corporate world and the secret to your teams becoming high performing, your people reaching and exceeding their potential and turning over greater profits.

Introducing our Living Heart Centred Leadership model!

We believe that there are four pillars of being a heart centred leader.

  1. Self-healing and Growth

  2. Cultivating Daily Rituals

  3. Expressing Purpose

  4. Nurturing Conscious Relationships

We also believe that a Heart Centred Leader is:

  1. Self-aware

  2. Humble

  3. Compassionate

  4. Present

  5. Intuitive

  6. Passionate

  7. Curious

  8. Courageous

We'll be sharing lots of content around the four pillars and some skills to support the qualities over the next coming months so keep an eye out on our social media (LinkedIn and Instagram).

Curious to know if you're living heart centred leadership? Keep an eye out for our quiz coming soon!


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