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Making sense of the return to work experience. Seizing this moment

As many of us start to adjust once more to the changing pandemic conditions and the easing of restrictions in many countries, the majority of us may be trying to process and making sense of:

  • The things about our pre-pandemic work life that we have been longing to resume (e.g. face-to-face connection with colleagues, impromptu conversations, social lunches, a drink after work or sport)

  • The things about our pre-pandemic life that we hope do not come back (e.g. the weekday commute into the office, missing events with the kids because getting home and then getting back to the office would take way too much time, lunch with our partner, exercise in the commute time…..)

  • The things that have been very difficult about working from home (e.g. days full of zoom meetings, working from the spare bedroom or even a shared living space, loneliness, home schooling...).

  • The things about working from home that have been great (e.g. flexibility, space to concentrate, ability to supervise and guide kids who are homeschooling – learning to do school maths again with pen and paper! ☺)

Whether you have been living alone, with parents, with friends, with your partner and/or with kids your particular cocktail of the above experiences will be unique to you. One common thing however is that we will all face challenges and opportunities as we re-emerge from lockdown and co-create the new office or hybrid ways of working with our colleagues, bosses and clients.

Here’s one thing that can support you and your team in that process:

  1. Take time with your team to review together the four points above and share your responses.

  2. Then, from your own and the group’s responses, highlight the things you actively want to take forward with you into your return to work together and highlight those things that you actively do not want to take.

  3. Create a plan and actions that you can commit to in order to implement your findings in step 2.

  4. Commit to making it happen and create regular check in’s. Celebrate your successes along the way and adapt as appropriate as your experiences uncover new information.

At Lea_p we are committed to support you and your organisations return to work by maximising the opportunity and rising to the challenges of creating a whole new distributed workplace that optimizes, success, connection, performance, joy and fulfilment. Empowering your organisation by empowering the humans that are its lifeblood. Let’s talk.

Interested in our Return to Work package? Access our brochure here.

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