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Our Values



There's a deep and rock solid truth about everything we do. We believe in the power of good. We know it's within us all. We stand by it in everything we do: it never lets us down. Goodness is undeniable and often lost in the mechanics of businesses and lives and hidden behind cynicism, fear, ignorance, greed.



Modern life is consumed by fear at many levels. It takes bravery and courage to see through the layers of work and life and imagine a better place for you and your world. We value courage as the essence that defies risk and fuels motivation.



When we are self-aware and consciously allow ourselves to being authentic, it unlocks our aliveness. This aliveness powers the unique expression of our genius and purpose. An aliveness that is highly infectious to those around us.



At Lea_p we believe in creating spaces where people are seen, heard and can find their tribe. We want to create a community that positively impacts each other and the world around them, inevitably positively impacting the planet. When we evolve our individual consciousness we evolve the collective consciousness. 

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