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Wiebke Renner



  • Professionally Certified Co-Active Leadership and Life Coach (CPCC)

  • PCC Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Certified Resonance Trainer (Centre for Resonance Training Berlin)

  • CTI Faculty Member (Front of Room Leader)

  • NNI Dialogue Facilitator and Lead Facilitator-Coach for NNI Ignite Europe (No-Name Initiative)


A trained classical singer, Wiebke sang professionally in opera houses across Europe. She loved the playfulness, connection with the audience and the sense of team spirit on stage when it happened. She did not love the hierarchical and competitive structures in the world of professional music. A passion for equality and everyone's empowerment has always been important to her. Honouring these values, she left the stage and retrained as a Resonance Trainer, Co-Active Coach and NNI Dialogue Facilitator.

Working in a variety of sectors since 2013, Wiebke's individual clients range from conductors to emerging managers, and from public speakers to chief executives. She runs leadership and coach training courses as well as courses on stage presence and public speaking in Europe. South Africa and the US. In her quest for greater equality on a societal level, Wiebke holds several roles at the No-Name Initiative, a non-profit movement that spreads transformative Dialogue.

One Fact About Me

As a child, the preferred way for me to move my body was doing cartwheels!


Embodied presence, ease and freshness.

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