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Are you looking for ways to boost the overall health and wellness of your team, whilst also enhancing their leadership skills and high performance habits?

Leadership requires enthusiasm, energy and vitality. Only when you feel balanced, energised and fulfilled can you offer that to others. As a leader it is your mission and responsibility to find it, nurture it and offer it to your team. The current paradoxical time and business climate is so demanding that lots of leaders are struggling to keep up, overwhelm and burnout is showing up more and more these days, so now more than ever it’s crucial to lead from a place of balance and sustainability. Our western culture have focused our development on our mind and it has it's limits. As human being we have more to offer, by tapping into new and exciting leadership possibilities.

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YouLead has been designed to provide your leaders with immersive and interactive experiences that combine the ancient practices of yoga with modern leadership skills and models. By integrating mindfulness, meditation and physical wellness practices into a professional setting, we help participants learn to navigate through stress, improve their energy management, explore what great leadership looks and feels like, and enhance overall well-being, so they can offer their best selves to their team.

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Yoga Class
Team Talk


  • Stress reduction ✓

  • Emotional regulation ✓

  • Enhanced focus and concentration ✓

  • Better communication skills ✓

  • Increased resilience ✓

  • Cultivation of positive traits ✓

Emmanuelle Langlois, Co-Founder and Director at Lea_p, has joined forced with Jason Pooley, Founder and Director of the House of Yoga, to create YouLead. Both are certified coaches and yoga teachers with years experience of training hundreds of people.

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"Emmanuelle has impacted my personal life and professional life in ways i'm not sure I can articulate. It is clear how passionate she is about what she does - she brings infectious lightness to the room whilst also bringing a huge amount of knowledge that participants can take away and put into practice immediately. I am forever grateful to know her"

"Jason has been a fantastic addition to our Wellness programming and very successfully helped us to embed a very different way of thinking about our wellbeing and productivity. This is a difficult audience to win over, especially with new ways of approaching self growth, and Jason has understood that audience perfectly and pitched it in exactly the right way. He is very focussed, engaged and been an absolute pleasure to work with. We look forward to the continued relationship and how it will grow"

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