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Creating a Fulfilled Soul

Mind Body Soul. We are always in touch with our mind and the constant internal chatter.  We can get in touch with our body pretty quickly, through noticing aches and pains or by stretching it, moving it and making it sweat and feel good. Our soul however is a little more tricky simply because it mean that we have to really slow down, which can be challenging in today’s fast paced world.  

Getting in touch with our soul is about accessing our inner stillness or our true self. It is about the journey inwards. This inwards journey is key to creating a life full of greater joy, deeper clarity and the ability to uncover and express who you really are – your truth. Accessing our inner stillness to create a fulfilled soul is not about doing too much work, it is about letting go and trusting yourself to find all the answers you need.

Why is this important to Leadership?

As Leaders we often have to make difficult decisions with lots of conflicting opinions. When we can slow down, connect and trust ourself and our decisions we can lead with courage and conviction. Leaders are often trail blazers, they also have to make decisions without prior experience taking on brave new pathways. In order to do this they have to have a deep trust in their ability to make the right decision, see it through and know that if they get it wrong (which we all do sometimes) they have the skills to fix, recalibrate and continue on. Great leaders don’t always know the answers but they have a deep trust in themselves to make the right decision. More often than not this comes from inside, call it what you may a gut feel, intuition, following your heart or connecting to your soul.

What are some ways we can access this internal compass?

  • Meditate

  • Be mindful

  • Practice quieting the mind

  • Get in nature

  • Exercise

  • Sit quietly

  • Go for a run or swim

  • Journal

  • Practice Yoga

  • Listen to music

How can you take a step to achieving the above? Let us know!


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