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Why is Meditation Important in Leadership?

Meditation is the key to accessing our inner stillness. There are many benefits of meditation such as it;

•     Regulates our heart rate

•     Lowers our anxiety levels

•     Helps us feel calm

•     Helps us become less reactive

•     Brings us clarity

Thousands of employees from large companies have gone through Mindfulness programs with data now showing that there is a definite impact on leadership skills by practicing mindfulness, such as;

•     Increase in productivity

•     Increase in decision-making

•     Increase in listening

•     Reduction in stress levels

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness come from a daily practice over an extended period. You wouldn’t expect to pick up a new sport or language by reading about it and practising once a week. Your body and mind are the most complex instruments in the universe, so it takes time and practice to use them effectively and harmoniously.


·      Don’t make rules – you can sit from 5 minutes or 30 minutes, it’s up to you!

·      Start early to set you up for the day

·      Follow your breath, nothing more, nothing less

A commitment to regular practice will enable you to reap the benefit of mindfulness. We recommend trying out the following apps; Headspace, Calm, Insight Timer or heading over to our Resources page where we have some Mindfulness resources.


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